Autohex ll BMW Scan Tool Review


The AutoHex II BMW Scan Tool check device was fabricated to completely meet all your specialised necessities on an expansive scope of auto brands. With a choice capacity even over the OEM device constraints, this BMW programming offers you the skyline with the top of the line abilities and besides benefits that are not accessible in OEM apparatuses.  Evidently, with the progression in car innovation, you explicitly require a stable, as well as an efficient output device which can without much of a stretch do all programming acts and unique operations, for example, adjustments, ECU substitution/overhaul key programming, coding, thus more. The AutoHex II examine device offers you various crucial administrations, for instance, the online specialized and backing the pin code.

Since you are finished with the enrollment and the redesign, it is currently time to arrange your BMW Scan Tool

There are a few techniques for organizing your analytic instruments

  • Wi-Fi and USB
  • AdHoc and USB
  • USB

Step by step instructions to arrange your AutoHex II BMW Scan Tool analytic apparatus

  • You can utilize any of the accompanying procedures
  • Run the AutoHex PC programming on your PC
  • Utilize the Configuration catch
  • Click on the client inclinations and chose your ideal technique

Utilizing USB alone

You will work utilizing just the USB link

USB and Wi-Fi

You can pick both of the two methodologies, and you have to spare after you select your favored technique. Likewise, you will need to incorporate the name of your system and besides the secret key of your Wi-Fi system, guarantee that the name and the watchword put will be placed in touch cases and spare your progressions. Along these lines, you can work in your auto through your Wi-Fi system


Here, you can likewise take a shot at the two methodologies, and recovery your progressions. In this method, you can interface your PC to your AutoHex ll examine device remotely. Presently in the setup for AdHoc, guarantee that you select the right connector. Presently you are. Subsequent to introducing the BMW scan tool, you need to redesign and enlist your output instrument. Speak with your merchant so they can include the required vehicle programming. You can sign in on the official site of AutoHex if you have a record or make another record on the off chance that you are another client.  In your mail inbox, you will get an affirmation email. The title of the mail is ”Microtonic AutoHex registration affirmation”. Click on the connection via the post office and affirm your enrollment.

  • Interface the AutoHex II to your USB port.
  • Run AutoHex PC programming in your PC

Click on the redesigned menu

Utilize the same data you used for your enlistment to enroll BMW diagnostic tool. It is significant that you don’t detach the equipment when the procedure is as yet running. The project may exit and re-open various times. Presently you BMW program is registered, completely upgraded and it works superbly


Most importantly, tap on the AutoHex ll BMW Scan Tool setup exe symbol twice, and the system will begin to get ready for use. Another window page will show an appreciated message. Click the following catch that demonstrates the permit and ”I concur”. Click next, and another page with client data will show. Sort in your name and the name of your association. When you click next, another setup window will popup select the complete catch and press next.

Advantages of AutoHex II BMW Ecu programming

For whatever length of time that you even have the essential aptitudes, the BMW Diagnostics software will take you to the acing of the car. It utilizes all workshop prerequisites, notwithstanding the full finding capacity and additionally benefits, this output device gives-programming and individual coding for E and F arrangement are endorsed regardless of the fact that your auto doesn’t have some ECUs.  When you utilize a second-hand ECU, for example, the DME for 2400 CC in a car that accompanies a kombi from F01 to F02 or a motor of 3000cc. This BMW scan device can conform the blaze program in the ECU to be coordinated to the particulars of the auto-recovering SK and ISN from a larger part of E and F arrangement motors and all rendition of CAS.

Autohex II Price

Autohex II BMW Scan tool offered from Microtronik in different packages and configurations, you can buy Autohex II for ISN editing only which is the basic package.

The second package is for BMW locksmith which come along with the BMW key programmer from microtronik.

The third package is for BMW programming, it allows you to have online access to do coding and programming for BMW Ecus.

The last package is the full package, which contains all mentioned aove features.

For more information check Autohex II Price.